Big Wolf's Backyard Ultra

5 événements!

5 régions  magnifiques!

5 défis incroyables!

Big Wolf’s Backyard Ultra est un circuit organisé de Backyard Ultra au Québec, et au Nouveau-Brunswick. 

What is a

Backyard Ultra?

The concept is both simple and delirious.

Every hour, runners will start a loop of 6.706 km, which they will have to do and redo, always within a period of 60 minutes, until only one and last runner remains on track: The Last Man Standing. No matter how long it takes.

The event is exactly the same concept as Tennessee's Big Backyard Ultra, organized by the same man who founded the Barkley Marathons, Lazarus Lake.

This is a race where speed is no longer a performance standard, but rather endurance and the ability to manage time and energy. A race to test your limits until surrender.


Edmundston, NB

Big Wolf's Backyard Ultra Edmundston - 13 mai 2023
Silver Ticket

Cacouna, QC

Cacouna Big Wolf's Backyard Ultra - July 15, 2023
Silver Ticket


Big Wolf's Backyard Ultra Montréal - 10 Juin 2023

Bronze Ticket


Lévis Big Wolf's Backyard Ultra - August 12, 2023

Bronze Ticket


Outaouais Big Wolf's Backyard Ultra - September 23, 2023

Bronze Ticket

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