BIG WOLf's Backyard

July 15, 2023

Big Wolf’s Backyard Ultra – Cacouna – Silver Ticket

Cacouna East wharf, Cacouna



A loop of 6.70 km with 52 m of positive elevation.

The route rolls on a gravel path through fields, a marsh, a wooded area, and even a river.

Le parcours, de nuit comme de jour, se joue sur cette boucle !

Participants start on the heliport runway in a festive and warm atmosphere. 


The enchanting and majestic site hosting this Big Wolf Backyard Ultra is located between Cacouna and Isle-Verte.

With a large playground with a rolling course, it allows you to admire the magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River day and night.

Bien que la brise du fleuve garde les moustiques au repos, le site peut parfois retenir de fortes chaleurs en été. Mais également attirer l’humidité et la fraîcheur at night. So be appropriately equipped !


Runners are fully responsible for their supplies: snacks, energy drinks, meals, etc. Only water will be provided on site. Runners who have done 26 or more loops on a Backyard in the last 2 years will have space to set up a tent (max. 10×10) and their personal belongings depending on availability. The other athletes will be able to sit in the large common tent with their chair, bag and cooler.

Required equipment

    • Chair
    • Blanket
    • Food and hydration drinks (4 liters minimum)
    • Headlamp with spare battery

Support team

Les coureurs pourront être accompagnés par une équipe de soutien qui pourra leur offrir réconfort et soutien (1 person maximum). This person will be identified by a roundel and must wear it at all times to circulate on the site.

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