August 12, 2023

Big Wolf’s Backyard Ultra – Bronze Ticket – Lévis


Photo credit : Muriel Leclerc


Located a few minutes from Quebec City, the cross-country ski center Les Sentiers La Balade de Lévis offers dozens of kilometers of walking, mountain biking and trail running trails in summer.


Along the Etchemin River, the forest of Les Sentiers La Balade and its routes are a true natural haven in the heart of Levis. The whole team looks forward to make you discover this paradise, where technical trails, rolling and even positive altitude will be part of the game.



The path will explore a variety of trails in a wooded and bright area, dressed at the end of September by pretty fall colors.


Between portions of roots, small butts, fast sections and some beautiful revivals, vigilance will be required day and night to complete this Big Wolf Backyard.


(Detailed statistics of the route upcoming)

Photo credit : Muriel Leclerc

Marline Côté

Race director


Marline is a passionate trail runner who invests in her professional and personal life to make this sport known and develop. Executive Director of Harricana Events, nothing scares her, not even a hungry wolf! (Although...!)